About our organisation


This well-known and reputed organization has been established in 1947 as the local branch of Hungarian Canine Organization and chaired by József Schmidt from 1947 to 1969.
    His excellent knowledge and vocation put the firm basement of canine life and activity in Pécs. His name is still a guarantee of quality among friends of dogs. Successors of his world-famous puli kennel are still traceable.
    It was Dr. Milós Kenyeres (chair in 1969-1972) and Ferenc Szakály (chair in 1972-1974) who kept on doing the work.
    The period from 1974 to 1997 – chaired by Béla Nyúl – was very successful for the MEOE Pécs which turned to an autonomous organization during this time. The club performed high-level work and the budget also became steady. The Kennel Club Mohács also joined the MEOE Pécs so the number of members reached more than 1000 in 1978.
    The club has bought a new office in this time what is still in service as the center of organization in Rókusalja street.
    In 1997 Béla Siklósi has become the chair of the organization. Mr. Siklósi is well-known and reputed person as the holder of the world-famous Skipper’s Newfoundlander kennel and as an internationally licensed judge. His main ambition is the revival and development of kennel club traditions in Pécs.


The MEOE Pécs had worked in several places since the foundation. First clubroom was located in Perczel street where we had to share the place with MHSZ Aeronautic Club. When Mr. Béla Nyúl chaired the club the members regularly met in the Hunting Club of POTE (University of Medical Sciences, Pécs). In a short period the club programs were hosted by the Aquarium-Terrarium of the Zoo.
    City of Pécs also supported the club providing us an estate in György akna (George-mine) free of charge. This was the place of a sports ground and the new clubroom. Since that time these possessions has been lost. The management of the club takes every effort to reconstruct and make flourish again the canine life in Pécs.


We arrange exhibitions participated with nationally and internationally reputed judges since the 1970-s. Exhibitors regularly come again and again from several countries.
    The MEOE Pécs is organizer of CACIB exhibition for 15 years. It was also chairman Béla Nyúl who obtained the license for arrangement of such event.